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Grooming Simplified

Njord Premium Hairstyling Balm (+)

Jeff M.
The best hair product I've used. Good, natural hold that I can run my hands through. Also, this stuff is fantastic on my skin. Refreshing. Simple. It works.

– Jeff M.

Columbus M.
Works really well as an all-purpose skin care solution for me. Convenient, simple concept delivered the second I started using it.

– Columbus M.

Joe M.
Smell is light. Looks good. Not greasy. Problem solved.

– Joe M.

Jayne D.
You can just use it and it works. Hair, skin, lips, it all comes from a single container.

– Jayne D.

Fewer better products

Fewer better products

We challenge the idea that “more is better" by creating the fewest possible, highest quality grooming products that help men look and feel great. Every product we make must offer every day quality that just plain works. But that doesn't mean we need to sell you a "regimen" to get the job done. One great pair of blue jeans can get you through the weekend, and the same should be true of your grooming products.

Grooming simplified

Hair styling, lotion, lip balm...we believe that should be one amazing product. Not three or five or seven. One. In order to bring that vision to life we rely on the best ingredients we can find. Many are pricey and elusive, like Organic Camellia Seed oil, but they are the building blocks that allow our formulations to work in more ways than you expect. And there's more than one ace in our hand. Check out our whole list of ingredients. You'll see no shady characters at this party.
Grooming simplified
Make it easy

Make it easy

We design products with incredible ingredients and we blend them to be as versatile as possible. It's a no-nonsense, scientific approach, and we couple powerful formulations with the best new techniques in sourcing, packaging, e-commerce, and customer service to improve on the purity of amazing product.